Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I'm Nervous…

About going back to college… well I am not really going back to college, but my husband and I have started a college aged journey group (Bible Study).  Our first meeting was last week and we did kind of a meet and greet and tell our story type thing.  This week we actually start our study!
So, why am I nervous?
*Am I prepared enough?
*What if no one shows up?
*What if they get bored? 
*What if I am not cool enough?
Such silly reasons I know!  Anthony and I have led two couples groups before and I have led a womans group and  I do not think I have ever been this nervous.  I think part of the problem is though I never felt like the stakes were as high as they are now.  Statistically speaking the college aged student has a very high drop out rate in the church.  Plus, it is really a time where you are introduced to so many different things- both good and bad.  
My prayer for this group is that it is one that they can come to and learn more about God and what His Word says.  I also pray it is a safe place for them to be where they can find a positive circle of influence and a place where they can seek accountability.

I am off to finish preparing and clean up some!  
Happy Tuesday!
<3 Christina