Monday, May 2, 2011

Motivation… or Should I Say… Lack There Of...

Starting last night I got in a "mood."  
I'm sure you know the one…. The one where everything and everyone seems to be making your life harder than you think it should?  I know it is a bit of exaggeration… but I was convinced Malachi and the dogs had gotten together and pitted against me:)  Then this morning I was greeted by an EMPTY wipe container and a not so empty diaper.  Of course, Anthony had used the last wipe last night and just forgotten to replace!
So, I could write LOTS more but I am going to STOP complaining and decide to have a GOOD MONDAY from here on out (or at least put the past behind and move forward)… 
and who wouldn't want to after looking at this picture?!

<3 Christina