Thursday, June 9, 2011


It's crazy how an animal who can speak no words can become such a big part of the family!  Bailey was born in October of 2004.  His mom was a pit bull and his dad was an american bull dog.  We bought Bailey from a couple who we met in a parking lot and they were struggling for money in December with a littler of puppies.  Anthony was in love from the beginning and since he was in between jobs he spent two full weeks with Bailey.  Let's just say they became BEST BUDDIES as did Ty, our first born!

Bailey is a three time doggie school drop out.  He refused to be trained… and focused more on training us! He LOVED laying on the heat vent, snuggling in blankets, and sunning on the deck.  He whined if he felt lonely or did not get a bone when he wanted one.  He was an 85 lap dog whose name should have been Grace has clumsy as he was!

On Tuesday… after only 6.5 years, we had to have Bailey put to sleep.  The vet said basically the breed combination was just a bad pairing.  He had very bad hips combined with severe allergies.  He could not take both the medicines he needed at the same time.  On Tuesday his hip had completely come out of the joint and he had torn a muscle in his leg.  The vet said he was in a lot of pain.  I have lost pets in the past but I never remember being as attached or close to a pet and losing them.  It has just been incredibly sad and our house has just not been the same these last few days.

So, love on your pets!  I know for sure I have taken ours for granted… but they really are an amazing part of the family!

<3 Christina