Wednesday, June 15, 2011

High on Life Thursday- LINK UP PARTY #4!

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So today this is a little bit of a silly one… but I love it and it makes me happy… so there ya go!  I LOVE the pioneer wagon that my grandparents gave Malachi for Christmas!  I have to be honest and say the thought of a wagon was like hmmm… what are we going to do with a wagon?!  I mean I know you pull kids around in them, but would we actually use it?  All winter we actually used it as a toy box in our living room!  It was big and fun and Malachi could pull himself up on it and dig through it to get what he needed.  When Spring rolled around though we emptied it out and put it in the garage so we could actually use it for it's purpose!  I still was not sure how much that would be though.  It has turned out to be one of the best toys we have!  Malachi is not a huge fan of the stroller, but LOVES the wagon… so he sees the wagon and is ready to go around the block!  We recently went to a large park for a picnic with our adoption agency and took it along with us!  Malachi and Landon did so well in it and it felt like everyone who passed us made a comment about it!  We are excited to take it to the beach with us this year too!  I think we are going to be able to put all we need in there with one easy trip down!  It holds up to 250 pounds and comes with a tented cover… so who knows… I may still be pulling him around at 17?!  Whatcha think?  
Here are a couple pictures from our trip to the park!