Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Oh my!

Oh my… If the recent weeks with Malachi are any indication of the years to come… I am going to have my hands full!  He is wild, dramatic, funny, FULL OF ENERGY, and all out crazy!  Now, with that being said I know those of you who know me are asking… "Are you surprised?" or "What did you expect with you as his mom?"  

And… life is going to be even crazier for the next three days!  One of my best friends from high school has a little boy named Parker who just turned one!  He is going to be coming over and staying with us and playing with Malachi!  I know it will be a little crazy here at my house, but I think the boys are going to have such a good time… and I bet I will be getting some good sleep at night!!  

So, wish me luck… and HAPPY TUESDAY!
<3 Christina